Imagination and Possibilities: The God of Something out of Nothing


Recently, on my way to work, I began to pray in great faith for my future.  I’m in another season of transition.  Over the next few months, I will be changing jobs and living situations.  As of right now, everything is completely up in the air and I have no sense of where I’ll end up.  This is a combination of frightening and exciting.  But I have been dreaming, dreaming, dreaming through the process.  I have been stepping out in bold faith and for once in my life, I have begun praying for what I want, rather than what I feel like God wants to hear.  Rather than asking for a job, I’m asking for a specific position, what would be the “dream-job” for me.  Rather than asking for an apartment, I’m asking for a water view.  Instead of praying for opportunities and alignments, I am praying to be connected with specific people and individuals.  In Psalm 126:5, it says, “Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.”  I am somewhere between sowing and reaping.  I have certainly sown my tears and am eagerly anticipating a harvest of joy in my life.  But I am in the waiting process.  I have been so bold as to ask God every day, bring my season of reaping into now!  Accelerate the process!  Lead my steps and walk me straight to destiny’s porch.  I’m ready to kick the door in and walk into my breakthrough.  Bring it. I’m not sure if God will do things in the specific ways that I am praying, but I do know that it tells me in His word (Ps. 37:4) that if I delight myself in Him, He will give me the desires of my heart.  I am recognizing more and more that God delights in my dreaming.  He wants to hear, from my lips, the things my heart longs for…and it’s in His plan and purpose to meet those longings!  Maybe not according to my specifications and timelines, but in ways that exceed my comprehension and go beyond anything I could ever plan or wish for myself.  Sometimes He grants our specific desires, sometimes he leads us along a different path and blesses us differently than we would have expected and sometimes he takes our desires and grants them with interest and upgrades!

My faith has been brewing.  My expectation is high.  And I wake up every day in anticipation.  My Pastor said it this week in church, we are only one breakthrough away.  It’s on the way.  As I was praying on my way to work, it occurred to me that even with great faith and expectation, sometimes we don’t see anything on the horizon.  The phone doesn’t ring.  The mailbox is empty.  The routine doesn’t seem to change.  Then the Holy Spirit reminded me, our God is the God that makes something out of nothing.  Not only does He make something out of nothing, He makes greatness out of nothing.  He makes constellations, galaxies and the universe out of nothing.  Romans 4:17 tell us He brings the dead back to life and creates new things out of nothing.

God has given us the ability to imagine for things that do not yet exist.  We are born that way, but some of us have lost it due to life experiences that disappointed and hardened us.  But think about a child.  A child can look at a box and see a boat.  They can look at a strainer and see a crown.  They can step over a crack in the sidewalk and imagine they are leaping over the Grand Canyon.  They can take nothing and make something out of it.  They can take the most mundane day and live it like an adventure.  There is so much we can learn about God from the faith of a child.   There is so much we can learn of His infinite ability to create opportunities and possibilities from the “nothing situations” of our live.

Don’t be discouraged by your “nothing” and start dreaming with the Lord over the big “something” He is about to do with your life.

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