You are Loved


You are loved.  Loved in the truest sense of the word.  Loved down deep to your core.  Your loved in your weakness, in your insecurity, in your fear.  You are loved. Just think about it.  The God that created the universe and breathed life into your being says that you are valuable and worthy to be loved.  When you look at yourself, do you see nobility?  Because that is what you are.  You are the  child of the one who created the universe at the command of His Word.

To be clear, not only does He love you, He is IN LOVE with you.  Yes you.  Passionately in love.  He calls you the apple of His eye and His treasured possession.  He rejoices over you and finds delight in you...His Bride.

When you accepted His Son, Jesus, the Father accepted and adopted you into His family.  His love is everlasting and He has crowned you in His steadfast mercy.  He satisfies you with nothing less than His abundant goodness in the hour of your deepest need.  Nothing can separate you from such a love as this...Not trial or calamity or any strategy of hell can tear you apart from so great a love.

This love never leaves you.  It takes root within you, growing and blossoming in such a way that it transforms you from the inside out.   He calls you by a new name.

Our Father has engraved your name into the very palm of His hand.  He will never forget you.  He could never leave you behind.  His love takes your darkest hour and illuminates it with His light, using the very things meant to destroy you to make you stronger still.

Every day is a new page in our love story with our creator. Beloved, you belong to Him.