Learning to Click the Block and Unfollow Buttons in your Day to Day Life


It's no secret to anyone how important social media has become in our world.  Social media helps us to achieve a sense of connection with family and friends, even those we don't see on a regular basis.  Facebook, twitter and instagram apps help us to stay on top of what's going on in the personal lives of old and new friends alike.  The danger of social media is that it carries the potential of connecting us with negativity and drama.  Have you ever had the experience of having an otherwise great day tarnished by a post that came through on your newsfeed? Recently, I have learned the beauty of the unfollow button.  I like most of you am well-connected to social media outlets.  Lately, some of the things coming through my feed are disturbing.  Things that others have "liked" have exposed me to things that are unnecessary.  It was becoming a daily occurrence to find articles of a sexual nature popping up in my feed.  At other times, I have been consistently reminded that the people I love and care about are (still) making choices that have hurt, scarred and wounded me.  This has left me at times feeling overwhelmed by negativity and questioning the power of my prayers.  I have learned that the unfollow button is a useful tool that still allows me to remain connected to the people I care about without following the rabbit trail of all the drama unfolding in their lives.  I don't need to be affected by what other's choose to view and share with the world.  I am in control of what comes through my feed.

This has got me thinking in deep ways about how I control my personal life.  There have been times when I have allowed myself to be consumed by situations that have dragged me down.  In an attempt to control my circumstances, I have invested all of my time and energy into trying to change and fix negative situations.  This has left me exposed and vulnerable.  As a result, I have allowed myself to be hurt unnecessarily.  I am learning that it is okay to click unfollow on negativity in my life.  It is okay to be "friends" with someone without following the newsfeed of drama on a daily basis.  It is okay to distance myself from those scenarios that have impacted me in a damaging way, so that God can speak His love and His truth into my heart.

Sometimes it will be necessary to detach yourself from a situation completely by clicking the block button, in order that the person or circumstance in question has no attachment to you at all.  Ladies, you know full well that sometimes you need to block the creepers.  But I think in most situations, just clicking unfollow will suffice.  The beauty of unfollowing negativity is that the person doesn't need to know you have made that decision.  It is a private choice to guard your heart and your mind against things that can weigh you down.  This is a private choice that I am making in my life outside of social media as well.  I can't allow what others are saying or doing to affect my ability to perceive all the joy and beauty in my life and to move forward in all that God has for me.  I can't allow others to determine my own sense of value and worthiness.  I just can't.

My choice to "unfollow" stems from a desire to subscribe to the thoughts of Jesus and to the words He has spoken not only over me, but over my loved ones as well.  I choose to follow His promises of hope, love and joy.  When I step away from the negativity in my life, I can more readily see God's goodness, His provision and His hand at work in even the most hopeless looking situations.  I can't allow myself to tag my thoughts on my circumstances as #nofilter anymore.  I choose to view everything through the filter of His love.  When I look at things from the angle of His grace, I am able to smile and hold my head high, even when what is being shared around me reflects brokenness and despair.

Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, "I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. (John 8:12)