Removing Every Obstacle


A thief has only one thing in mind –he wants to steal, slaughter, and destroy.  But I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect – life in its fullness until you overflow! (John 10:10)

A couple posts back, I wrote on the subject of what intimacy with God looks like in seasons of blessing.  I wrote on what it looks like to fully enjoy the season we are in and to allow that to fuel our worship of our heavenly daddy.  This post is a continuation of that subject.  Guys, God has me on a journey and I am taking you with me!  I am learning that, in order to worship God with all my heart and to fully enjoy the season I am in, I must be diligent about removing the obstacles that try to get in the way.

Right now, in my own life, God is using this season of rest and calm to cause me to do some deep heart reflection and to route anything out of my life that falls short of my identity and purpose in Him.  Healing often comes in layers.  As we move through varying seasons in our walk with God, He is faithful to pull back the layers one at a time to increase His work of restoration in our lives and to shape us into the image of His son, Jesus.  Confronting lies we have believed, faulty patterns of thinking and all the things that get in the way can be hard work, but it’s so worth it.

God is showing me in this season that, in order to fully embrace the life He has called me to live, His spirit desires to work in and through me to remove every hindrance to growth.  I must cooperate.  God is calling us to:

·         Kick fear to the curb.

·         To let go of our need for guarantees and certainty and to take risks.

·         To know who we are in Him.

·         To know we are worthy of blessings and a good life.

·         To know that it is God’s spirit in us that qualifies us.

·         To recognize lies when they try to resurface and replace them with truth.

·         To own our story.

·         To receive His love.

This is my journey.  In the following months, I will continue to explore these subjects and take you along for the ride.  It’s time to step into the fullness of what it means to be a royal son or daughter of the living God.  It’s time to set aside everything holding us back.  It’s time to fully embrace our true identity and to walk with assurance and confidence in every season.  We’ve been held back long enough.  It’s time to be released into destiny.

For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. (Rom. 8:19)

Theresa Flood