A Hiding Place


I used to have this fantasy that I could escape.  I just wanted a break from everything.  Not forever, just for long enough to catch my breath and get strong again.  Through hard times and periods of exhaustion, I used to dream that I could walk through a magical door that would lead to a quiet sanctuary that was all my own, in which no one could reach me.  In that place, time would stand still and no one would miss me and when I was ready I could return and pick up from right where I left off. Growing up in church, I have often heard of the importance of being in "the secret place with God."  Last year, I dealt with some rough stuff and it finally dawned on me.  The secret place with God is the quiet sanctuary I have always dreamed of.  In Col. 3:3, it tells us that "our real lives are hidden with Christ in God."  He is my hiding place!

God has promised that we may find shelter under the shadow of His wings (Psalm 91:4).  Just like a mama bird looks after her chicks, God has promised to look after and to protect us.  This hiding place can be accessed from anywhere.  All we need to do is set our focus on Jesus and be still before Him.  In that place, His love washes over us and makes us strong enough to face the battle that lies ahead.