You Are Chosen


Everyone wants to be chosen, to be picked.  We all feel it, the desire to be chosen out of the crowd and recognized as someone special.  We want to be someone's top choice, somebody's treasured possession.  For just once, we want to know that we mean everything to someone who means everything to us.  Don't we? But you were already picked.  You have been selected.  Chosen.  The very God that created everything that we can see, hear and feel chose you before He even laid the foundations of the world.  Before He ever created this place called Earth, He thought of you and He chose you right then.  He chose you, so that He may bless you in every way possible (Eph. 1:3).  He chose you to reflect His image, His goodness, His love, His purity, His joy.  He chose you to show the world what He looks like.

You have not always chosen Him.  You have turned a blind eye at times.  You have denied Him.  You have walked away.  You have acted in ways that have hurt Him, but still He chose you, even then.  Even as you rejected Him, He chose you.  He chose you to live a life filled with His love, peace, faith, kindness and gentleness.  A life filled with the kind of things that last forever (John 15:16) (Gal. 5:22-23).

You belong to Him. You are royalty in His sight (1 Peter 2:9).  He gave His son Jesus' life in exchange for yours, so that you could be called redeemed.  And because He has chosen you, you never need to be afraid.